What you need to know about hashing

Hashing – a key element of cryptography, without which it is impossible to work the system.

Hashing is a numeric or alphanumeric messages and integrity checking is performed using a particular algorithm. Pushing a message through this algorithm, a member of his system

hashes, and at a result of what gets hash.
This kind of hash code consisting of 60 characters – letters and numbers.

Hash along with the message sent to the recipient. Recipient drives it through the same algorithm, ie, decodes the message. It turns out that the hash is identical to the one that was sent to him earlier. This hashing confirms that no changes have been made in the message. Hashing – an irreversible process. Message can not be deheshirovat. If the message has been received and validated, hash can not be again.

Founder Bitcoins Satoshi Nakomoto decided to combine a hash chain, having chain units (blokcheyn).

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