What to do if the passport is lost?

One of the most unpleasant situations that could occur is the loss of a passport. If you find the absence of a passport, first of all, do not panic. Very carefully inspect all pockets, bags, items, folders with documents and stuff. Be sure to try to remember where and when you last saw your passport, maybe you gave it to someone, hid it in a safe place, or forgot it somewhere. If it turns out that you really forgot or lost your passport in any building, shopping center, bank, airport, train station or other public place, you can try to find it yourself or ask your security staff, perhaps your passport was found and given to the guards and also use surveillance cameras. If it turns out that your passport was stolen or you lost it, you should immediately contact the nearest police authorities, not necessarily at your place of residence. You need to do this as soon as possible because your passport can be used as forged documents.

In the police station you will need to write a statement about the fact of theft of the document. Properly fill it will help you on duty. In case of failure to file such an application for the loss of a document, in accordance with the Administrative Code, administrative responsibility is imposed in the form of a fine of 2,000 to 5,000 thousand rubles with or without administrative expulsion from the Russian Federation (Article 18.8 part 1.1 of the Administrative Code). After accepting the application, you will be given a certificate.

With the certificate issued, you should contact the embassy of your country. There, you will need to confirm your identity, any document will do, you can also provide a copy of the document or show a photo, if there is one. If you do not have identification documents, you will be contacted by relatives who can send documents.

After that, the embassy will issue you and issue a new passport or give a special document with which you can buy a ticket and return home. It depends on the laws of the country of which he is a citizen.

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