What can attract foreigners in Russia?

Some foreign citizens want to know Russia entirely. Learn about all its riches, such as: natural, architectural, works of art and many others.

What can attract foreign citizens in Russia:

– historical part of Russia;




-the natural wealth of the country;

– sights of the country;

-reduction of the ruble;

– the vast territory of the country;

– and other reasons.

In Russia, still remains one of the main reasons for preventing the entry of foreign citizens, namely the entry visa to Russia.

The diagram shows how the entry flow in Russia varied from 2014 to 2018:

Picture 1

Fig.1. Wie hat sich der Eintrittsstrom in Russland von 2014 bis 2018 verändert?

Datenquelle im Diagramm: vedomosti.ru

Statistics of tourists in Russia shows a small change in all previous years. In 2018, the entry tourist flow rates in Russia exceeded those of previous years. About 25 million people traveled to Russia in 2018, which is 40% more than last year.

It can be said that foreigners may move to Russia for various reasons. Someone feels comfortable in his country and travels outside of it only as a tourist, and some, on the contrary, prefer to move abroad for further residence or education. Everyone has the right to personal choice in where he resides, learn, live, in what country and when. This may be the personal interests of each of us, our personal desires and preferences in one or another choice.

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