Top 5 Great Russian Artists

Russia is famous for its artists. They have made a huge contribution to world art, and their paintings are breaking records at world auctions.
1.Andrey Rublev
Despite the fact that Andrei Rublev is the most famous Russian icon painter, we do not know much about him. He received the name Andrei in monasticism; his worldly name is unknown. The Rublev’s masterpiece is traditionally considered the icon of the Holy Trinity, painted in the first quarter of the 15th century. Rublev was also one of the masters who painted the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir, the Assumption Cathedral in Zvenigorod and the Annunciation Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin.
2 Dionysius
The name Dionysius represents, perhaps, the best and greatest achievements of Moscow icon painting of the XV-XVI centuries. A proponent of the tradition of Andrei Rublev, Dionysius painted many churches, but a true understanding of the writing style of Dionysius can be obtained from the beautifully preserved frescoes of the Ferapontov Monastery on Beloozero. They never corresponded or underwent serious restoration.
3.Guri Nikitin
The full name of the icon painter is Guri Nikitin (Nikitovich) Kineshemtsev. He painted the Archangel Cathedral in Moscow, painted icons for the Moscow church of Gregory of Neocessaria and led a group of icon painters who painted the Yaroslavl Church of Elijah the Prophet and the Kostroma Ipatiev Monastery.
4 Karl Bryullov
Enthusiastic contemporaries called Bryullov “the great, divine Charles” and “the second Raphael”. Belinsky christened Bryullov “the first artist of Europe.” The painting “The Last Day of Pompeii” was recognized as a perfect masterpiece of the XIX century. Walter Scott sat for an hour watching her, after which he admitted: “This is not a picture, this is a whole poem.” On the canvas, Bryullov also depicted himself – to the left of the center, with a box with paints and brushes.
5.Ivan Kramskoy
The Wanderer artist Ivan Kramskoy, the author of the painting “Christ in the Desert”, created one of the most mysterious paintings – “The Unknown”, which is also often called the “Stranger”. With whom only did not correlate it. And with Anna Karenina and with Nastalya Filipovna, and with the artist’s daughter Sofya, and with the peasant woman Matrena Savvishna, who became the wife of the nobleman Bestuzhev, and with Princess Varvara Turkestanishvili – the maid of honor of Empress Maria Fedorovna, the favorite of Alexander I, whom she gave birth to a daughter, and after with myself. There are tons of versions, but Stranger is still a stranger.

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