Today is the big day for a 96-year-old Parisian woman Mary Smulski: she got the Russian citizenship.


The ceremony of presenting the Russian passport to the new citizen was held in the French capital. The document Maria Smulskaya received from the hands of Advisor-envoy of the Russian Federation in this country Artem Studennikov. The decree granting Russian citizenship to Smulskaya was signed by President Vladimir Putin on November 20. As reported RIA Novosti, last decade, Maria Smolska was a stateless person. The blockade years the woman spent in the Leningrad military hospital, where she worked as a nurse. Then for 34 years she worked in the construction organizations of Leningrad. In 1978, Maria Smolska left the Soviet Union, fleeing to France after his daughter. She had to leave her apartment in the center of Leningrad to the state. Since the disappearance of the USSR, she lost her Soviet citizenship, but never had a French one. At home, she was not more than 40 years. Maria Smulskaya explained her request for Russian citizenship by her desire to return to her hometown-St. Petersburg.

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