The history of block chain technology

Briefly about how block chain technology was created.
Is Creator?
Satoshi Nakamoto – it was from this name that the creation of the block chain began. He is the first and main creator of bit coin crypto currency.
When did the block chain appear?
Technology offered in 2008. About 10 months was spent on technical support and technology implementation. And in 2009, it was the first time when it was used in a form that exists at the moment.
The first application of the concept of chains?
The first time the block chain technology was used as the foundation of the first crypto currency (it is also Bit coin), there he played the role of a distributed registry for all operations with digital coins.
The role of block chain in relation to digital money?
Thanks to the block chain technology, the first virtual monetary unit was Bitcoin, which solves the problem of double costs without the use of an influential body or central server. Block chain is the only protected registry of information and data, which is represented as electronic files, because of this, one block can be copied and spent a certain number of times.

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