The Best Russian Contemporary Films According to World Critics (Part 1)

They watch Russian cinema in many countries of the world. It is full of meaning, and can help reveal the secret “What is the soul of a Russian person?”

The first place on the list is film
Dislike of 2017. Genre: Drama

Screen magazine rating is one of the main indicators of film success at any festival. Several critics from different countries vote for each film of the contest on a five-point scale. In the film of Andrei Zvyagintsev in 2017, the rating was the highest in the competition, 3.2 points. Almost all festival journalists agreed with this assessment, but the jury found the film worthy only of the jury prize, a prestigious, but not the main award.

Plot: Zhenya and Boris are in a divorce stage. Legally, they are still married, but in fact, everyone is already building their lives without the participation of a spouse. In perpetual quarrels and skirmishes, they do not notice that their 12-year-old son comes to the conclusion that none of his parents needs him. Once a teenager decides to escape from his home after another adult conflict.

Second place on the list: Leviathan 2017. Genre: Drama

The picture of Andrei Zvyagintsev is the loudest Russian film of the beginning of the millennium according to the version of foreign film press. No other film has ever written such enthusiastic reviews, not one has come so close to The Palm Branch and the Oscars. Among his achievements is also the Golden Globe, which is presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, as well as a rating of 92 points on  and inclusion in the top ten films of the year by authoritative publications of the Sight & Sound level. The film also has a FIPRESCI award – presented at Palm Springs.

Plot: A social drama that encompasses various symbols of human life and security in a “new country.” This is the story of Nicholas, who, together with his father, built a house and a workshop, but soon began to experience great difficulties in his fate.

Third place on the list: “Return” 2003.
Genre: Drama

Andrei Zvyagintsev’s debut film also had an enthusiastic press reception. The film received the Golden Lion, but it also has two FIPRESCI awards, one in the same Palm Springs, the other in Thessaloniki. From that moment, all world criticism has been following Zvyagintsev’s work.

Plot: Two brothers Andrei and Ivan live a normal boyish life until a father appears, whom they have never seen, and they only remember their faces from photographs. Father takes them to a strange abandoned island

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