The best Cities for living foreigners in Russia

There are great number of opportunities for relocation to another country or city.
It allows to learn the world around, but benefit from this may be not only expanding of horizon.
Progress does not stand still, and plenty cities are developing rapidly, therefore plenty workers are
Internet provides an opportunity to learn statistics, to find the information regarding the
City, which will meet to your requirements fully, also to find job in required area of activity, and so on.
Then we shell decide, which conditions should be considered to choose the city for living. As a rule
The city is estimated by the following factors:
1.Mean salary
2.Condition of infrastructure, and what does it represents
3.Ecological situation
4.Condition of medicine and education in the city
5.As a rule taking into account all the above said factors, against background all other Russian cities
Considerably preferred the following cities:
Migration Program into Russian regions
For foreigners, which want to relocate to Russia for permanent residence should be quite Interesting the widely represented Migration Program. It’s available for foreigners speaking Russian. According this program there is possibility to receive the Russian passport and also some money under The conditions that the foreigners will live in one of underpopulated Russian regions, for example:
3.Amur region, Khabarovsk territory,
4.Sakhalin island,
5.Far eastern.
There are more than 40 such kind of regions. Far eastern is especially featured and most popular among different nationalities.
Basic requirement – to be holder of Russian language, therefore the conclusion can be made, That target audience of this Program are persons born in USSR but owing to some reasons get in one of the Ex Soviet Republics or persons having Russians parents.

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