Compared to other countries, Russia is famous for its territorial expanses. It is known not only for natural resources, but also for quite famous monuments located in different regions of the country. Consider some of them and see why it is worth to come to Russia and even stay here for further residence.

Natural sights are considered to be such protected areas as:

1) The weathering pillars (Mansiysk boobies) are a monument in the Troitsko-Pechora region of the Komi Republic of Russia on the mountain Man-Pupu-nör, which means “Little mountain of idols.” There are 7 pillars in total, ranging in height from 30 to 42 m. It’s not easy enough to get to them and only fit tourists can handle it. The name of the pillars comes from a long history, in which it is mentioned that it was precisely by natural forces: wind, rain, water and frost that the mountains were destroyed, of which these pillars survived.

Consider a map with the location of the natural landmark of the Komi Republic “Weathered Poles”

Picture 1

Fig.1 Weatheringpillars

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2) Lake Koyash, Crimea. The lake is located in the Eastern Crimea on the Kerch Peninsula in the Opuksky Reserve. The pink lake has a small area, which is five square kilometers and a small depth, which is one meter. It is because of the mud volcano and algae, which developed in its place, that water and salt acquire a pink color and the smell of violet, which distinguishes algae.

Consider a map with the location of the natural attraction of the Crimea “Koyashskoe Lake”

Figure 2

Figure 2. Lake Koyash

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3) Salt Lake Elton, Volgograd region. The lake is also called the “golden lake with pearls”, which sparkle in sunlight. Its area is 152 square meters. kilometers The lake is located on a flat steppe. Several fresh springs and rivers with bitter-salty water flow into Lake Elton. Elton Lake is the largest and richest of all known in the world of salt lakes.

Consider a map with the location of the natural attraction of the Volgograd region “Salt Lake”

Figure 3

Figure 3. Salt Lake

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4) Kinzeluk waterfall. It ranks second in height of waterfalls in Russia. It is considered a difficult tourist area, located on the territory of the Kuraginsky district in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The height of the waterfall is 328 meters. Free fall of water – 90 meters. The waterfall is located at an altitude of 1144 meters.

Consider a map with the location of the natural landmark of the Kuraginsky district in the Krasnoyarsk Territory “Kinzeluk waterfall”

Figure 4

Figure4 Kinzeluk waterfall

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Famous monuments of architecture of Russia:

1) Monument to Peter I – Moscow. An enormous monument of the work of Z. Tsereteli was erected on the Moscow River. The monument requires proper maintenance, and its value requires considerable expenses, which causes dissatisfaction of citizens, they consider the installation of this monument unreasonable. To install the monument in the middle of the Moscow River, an island was specially made. The monument weighs more than 2000 tons, and the cost of installation exceeded $ 36 million.

View the map with the location of the famous monument in Moscow “Monument to Peter I”

Figure 5

Figure 5 Monument to Peter I

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2) Victory Monument, Moscow. The highest monument in Russia was erected after the collapse of the USSR – in 1995. They became the obelisk in Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill, installed on Victory Square. The height of the monument is 141.8 m., If you translate it into decimeters, you get the number of military days. At around 104 meters, a bronze sculpture group is attached to the obelisk — the goddess of victory, Nick, with a crown and two trumpeting cupids. The opening of the memorial took place on Victory Day along with the entire memorial complex.

Consider a map with the location of the sights in Moscow “Victory Monument”

Figure 6

Fig. 6 Victory Monument

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3) The Monument to the Conquerors of Space, the second highest monument in Russia, installed in Moscow at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in 1964, when the country felt real euphoria from success in space exploration. Put it at the end of the Cosmonauts Alley, near the main entrance to the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. The height of the monument is 107 meters. At the base of the monument stands a statue of the first ideologist of cosmonautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. The facade of the monument is equipped with poems by Nikolai Gribachev, lined with metal letters, and around it depicts high reliefs of Soviet scientists, engineers and workers – all those who turned the dream of space flight into reality.

Consider a map with the location of the sights in Moscow “Monument to the Conquerors of Space”

Figure 7

Fig. 7 Monument to the Conquerors of Space

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4) The sculpture Motherland, established in Volgograd on Mamaev Kurgan. The statue was installed in 1967 and was considered the tallest sculpture in the world. The meaning of this sculpture calls on the people to protect the country, calling for a high hand with a sword to stand before the people of the enemy. The statue was listed in the Guinness Book of Records for its scale. The statue itself is made of reinforced concrete, and the 33-meter sword, which weighed 14 tons, was originally made of titanium and stainless steel. But the sword had a strong load from the environment, and therefore demanded repairs after 10 years. In the hand they put a sword from another material, equipped with holes to reduce the windage.

Consider a map with the location of the attractions in Volgograd “Motherland”

Figure 8

Fig.8 Motherland

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In conclusion, we can add that in our country there are many advantages associated with natural resources, such as Baikal, located in the southern part of Eastern Siberia; Elbrus, which is considered the highest mountain located in the Caucasus, is 5642m high; Lake Ladoga, located in the territories of the Leningrad Region and Karelia.

Also in Russia you can look at the various sights of different regions of the country, some of them: Kazan Kremlin, Moscow Kremlin, Sparrow Hills and other attractions. There are a lot of amazing places in Russia for which it is worth coming and enjoying.

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