River cruises on the Amur – a decent holiday in Russia

Sincere interest compatriots to exciting multi-day cruises on the Russian full-flowing rivers continued to rise. This applies not only to the traditionally popular with travelers Volga. Less well-known Siberian river tourists are increasingly choosing lovers wandering for cognitive walking on modern ships, similar to the luxury hotels. One of the most popular and attractive areas of the Amur became affluent. Still, after all, hardly anyone will refuse the opportunity to get acquainted with the variety of natural landscapes and folk traditions of this little-known Europeans edge.

Before you go on a long and exciting journey along the Amur, tourists are invited to join the informative tours of interesting places rich Khabarovsk – in this city begins cruise. They are sure to invite a small walk on the longest city waterfront. Here visitors can get acquainted with the Khabarovsk cliff and situated on it lookout. No less interesting it becomes a short visit to the Art Museum, where we can see the famous paintings by Titian, Ivan Aivazovsky, Rembrandt and other equally outstanding artists brush.

The big surprise for the participants traveling becomes a visit to “the Amur” – the famous zoo, located near the regional center. It is unlikely that someone may disappoint walk between the aviary with pheasants, Amur tigers, eagles, leopards or Far Eastern storks. After all this diversity of travel experiences, cheerfulness and good humor, waiting for the ship cabins are comfortable and full of surprises multi-day cruise along the Amur.

Villages, landscapes and village of the Amur Region

Most of the nearly two-week trip is a familiarity with the forest scenery, past which is slowly cruise ship. Unusually wide Amur like an endless carpet cuts through the dense coniferous forest, nestled in its completely deserted low shores. Here and there, suddenly holidaymakers there are small quiet village. It seems as though they have long since abandoned for unknown reasons, and are residents of the years in the forest waiting for the return of people.

Short stop in the Trinity, Tsimmermanovke, clubs and other sparsely populated villages and picturesque towns convince visitors that life still goes on as usual here. Nanai, long inhabiting these places – quite terse and hard-working people are characterized first and foremost openness and hospitality – still remain faithful to its traditions and customs. It becomes the most memorable visits to several located on the banks of the Amur sat:

  1. From Malmyzh tourists sent on foot to the Bologna – a small lake, where they were waiting and bathing, and fishing. You can even count on the ear with the Amur catfish or pike.
  2. Sikachi-Alyan petroglyphs known unusual – mysterious petroglyphs. About 160 scattered in the surrounding boulders, which are more than 150 centuries, carved into strange images of boats, animals, snakes, birds and even humans.
  3. To get to the mysterious “Amur pillars” of tiny Nizhnetambovskoye must be overcome no less than 14 km, but the long trek will pay an acquaintance with a few boulders, something reminiscent of the famous British Stonehenge.
  4. Guests will be remembered for a trip to the hot springs near Susanino. They are known to most tourists here as a patient Annensky mineral water.

Amur Region Cities

On the way along the Amur River cruise on the boat found only three small town, the most famous of which is considered to Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Guests first introduced to the local history museum and the recently built church of Elias the Prophet. But there are more striking scenic area of ​​the province. Inquisitive visitors can admire the understated beauty of natural landscapes, went up on the main span of the bridge of the city. No less interesting landscapes and portraits painted by the masters of the Far East hand, waiting for connoisseurs of art and not only in the local Museum of Fine Arts.

In the Amur – another town on the way the cruise ship – vacationers go to giant greenhouses of the Botanical Garden. I see here a real palm grove and thicket of exotic cactus – big surprise for nature connoisseurs. To discover the history and traditions of the small peoples of the harsh edges of tourists go to the cultural center, located in an obscure Nikolaevsk-on-Amur. It completed a 12-day cruise is usually at a local deserted quay in a large fire, where the guitar sounds travelers share the most vivid impressions of what he saw and experienced during this exciting “goodbye” with Cupid.

cruise Features

Tourists do not have a large selection of cruises on the Amur – such a bright and mysterious. Almost all of them lasted exactly 12 days. Some companies sometimes offer 8-day trip, but it is not easy for such a short period of time to pass almost two thousand kilometers and time to meet even the most famous places of the Amur region. Although river travel can not be called cheap – every tourist is required not less than 168 thousand rubles.. However, it will always pay off those impressions, which gives a long walk lovers of travels and adventures!

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