Rest in Russian: Dzhankoy

Dzhankoi – a small cozy town in the north of the Crimean peninsula, located 93 km from Simferopol. He is considered the center of Dzhankoy region, at the same time he does not enter there. Sometimes it is called the gate of the Crimea since he first meets people. Moreover,

  • Dzhankoy located main railway module, which originally come all lovers of recreation.
  • translated from the Crimean Tatar language, the word “Dzhankoy” is set to “soul of the village,” so claimed the scientists, the other on the contrary,

challenged, recognizing the name as the “new village”. Most likely, closer to unraveling was the first town is really very comfortable home and relaxing. Initially, he was a village, then in 1926 became a city.

The microclimate here is not very hot, but dry enough. The high mountains protect the city from the cool wind. Summer in Dzhankoy long and very warm, the summer temperature is around 24-25 degrees.

Driving to the sea in Dzhankoy, tourists can make a stop for a couple of days to try and evaluate the taste local wines. At this point, we created perfect conditions for the cultivation of unique varieties of grapes. No wonder the town is famous for producing excellent wines. Since ancient times, wine was produced here Greeks. Wine fortified and very memorable taste, so try it worth to buy a home will not be superfluous. This exquisite taste had come to love as an indigenous people and visitors all over the peninsula, so a bottle of spiced drink will be a wonderful souvenir.

Nature Jankoi very generous with colorful landscapes. Outside the city is a garden-reserve “Kalinowski”. about a hundred species of birds live in the park, gulls, waders, etc. Vanity in the city is not available, so visitors are guaranteed a relaxing family tourists and inspiring soul rest.

What you should pay attention to the tour plan? The train station is considered to be a local masterpiece. It is the largest railway junction in these places and the building is quite pass for the object architecture. Nearby is a roadside cafe, which will delight appetizing Crimean Tatar treats.

Next to the temple Czech Jankoi is the heart of Jesus Christ. Previously, he was considered the most luxurious’s Church. Directly from the Czech Republic were brought here bells and organ.

It is also about the history of the area can tell local history museum, which opened in 1967. There are more than 4000 antiques of different eras.

Dzhankoi is ideal for a quiet hideaway and inexpensive accommodation.

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