Rest in Russia: Sochi

For the last couple of years, the city of Sochi has again become a truly interesting place for most tourists. The Olympics and all the investments in the city that were made in connection with it, a large number of innovations and general interest in the city have become an excellent tool for the development of local tourism business.
Particularly relevant is the question of choosing a holiday destination with the beginning of summer, when all employees from large metropolitan areas are traditionally looking for where to go for a couple of weeks to bask in the sun and get rich with new impressions.
Of course, Sochi is the very first city to come to mind. The memories of most of the older generation are still unusually fresh memories of the main Soviet resort, which just had to be all at least once in a lifetime. The glory of Sochi for a simple tourist was as huge as the glory of Anapa, as a children’s resort. The Black Sea coast and today attracts a huge number of people, despite the fact that there are few sandy beaches here – most of the places are covered with pebbles.
However, first we still give a few necessary explanations so that they will not be necessary any further. It should be understood that Big Sochi and just the city of Sochi are two different things. Of course, no one argues with the fact that you can easily relax in the city of Sochi. But prices there, as a rule, are twice as high, and that’s all. And the hotels and guesthouses, and food and entertainment. Whereas, literally two dozen minutes away by train from the city of Sochi, there are the so-called cities of the Greater Sochi (in other words, suburbs). These are Loo, Matsesta, and Lazarevskoye, and Khosta. And including, Dagomys with Adler.
It is these settlements that are commonly called Big Sochi, you can get to any of these suburbs very quickly, and not only by train, but also by bus and taxi.

Why go to rest in Sochi?
So, the minimum program – is to come to the beach, swim in the sea, then fall on the pebbles and how to get a tan on the first day. Or burn – it depends on how quickly your skin absorbs ultraviolet radiation. We recommend stocking up with appropriate creams in the very first days while you lie on the beach, since the Sochi sun is extremely unobtrusive, but with lightning speed “puts its gifts”. Simply put, you yourself will not notice how to burn.
If you have never sunbathed for a long time this year, then you better come to Sochi in May or early June. The sun is already frying very seriously at this time, but the sizzling heat is not yet felt, and therefore you can tan and not feel like a central dish in the microwave.
If you are already accustomed to a beach holiday and are a seasoned beach tourist, then go to Sochi in August or September – this is the peak season. The beach will not breathe from the same seasoned tourists like you. But then you get a concentrated “charge of Sochi.” By the way, you can comfortably swim in the Black Sea from May until October – the water temperature will always be comfortable, always somewhere between 22-25 degrees.
Given that Sochi is located in the subtropics, this area is sometimes visited by storms. However, visitors even manage to extract extra pleasure from storms. At this time, they walk along the shore, or sit right on the beach. What can you do there in this weather? Well, for example, to admire the menacing waves, wrapped up in white frothy lambs that roar, running onto the shore.
It is not recommended to swim in stormy weather, because even if you are an experienced swimmer, the wave can easily drag you off the sea, and will carry it further from the coast, and not all professionals, not to mention amateurs, can cope with this scourge.
There are several beaches in Sochi, they are private and public, as well as “wild”. Private beach areas belong to different resorts and resorts – to get there without a ticket to this same boarding house will not work. But if everything went so well for you, then you can rejoice. The beach will always be clean and tidy, there will be few people there, and you can relax and sunbathe at your pleasure.
Public beaches are the most crowded in the season, everyone who came to rest here without a voucher comes here, so from May to September there is practically no room for such beaches. The most popular beach is Riviera, which is located near the park of the same name.
As for the wild beaches, they are not very popular, mainly because of their inaccessibility. In other words, to get there, you need to do either a long or uncomfortable way. They never tidy up there, although they rarely litter. Wild beaches may well be overgrown with weeds or will, once, be covered with various marine debris that brought the storm. But then there is rarely crowded, and even you can sunbathe without a swimsuit.
Sochi is not only “lying on the beach”!
Of course, Sochi is not only an opportunity to get a chocolate tan in a week on the beach. Here is a real expanse, for all who can not imagine life without active rest. Various simple fun, like beach soccer or volleyball, will not even be taken into account, since they go without saying.
But in Sochi, you can also ride a jet ski on the sea and on quad bikes through the mountains, arrange an expedition to Host Ahun, from an ancient tower, from where a royal review opens up to the whole of Big Sochi. And you can also drive on mountain bikes along the trails of local foothills, go sailing on the sea, arrange a full-fledged excursion with an aqualung, and even fly under the skies, renting a balloon for yourself.

All the entertainment described above is an option that you can order for yourself individually if you contact the nearest tour desk. Among other things, no one forbids you to go to the Adler Aquarium, to make an extreme rafting down the local mountain river in a team like you, desperate adventurers, hungry for adrenaline. The most important thing – do not forget to take with you the company of true friends and a good action camera, on which you can capture all your madness, so that later in the city, where you still have to return sooner or later, there was something to remember.

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