Prosecutor General’s Office: cybercrime is growing more actively than other types of crimes in the Russian Federation

The Prosecutor General of Russia published data on the growth of crime in the Russian Federation. As it turned out, the number of recorded crimes of various types in just a year increased by 67%. Cybercrime is most actively developing – its growth turned out to be twofold.
So, in the first eight months of this year, 180153 cybercrimes were registered in the Russian Federation, which is 66.8% higher than the figure for the previous year. First of all, these are crimes that are committed using ICT or in the field of computer information.
According to representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the growth of cybercrime is very active, the growth rate is the highest. As for other crimes, an increase in their level is expressed in units of percent. But in the case of cybercrime, we are talking about tens of percent.
As for the previous year, from January to September 2018, 121,247 crimes related to the use of ICTs or in the field of computer information were registered in the Russian Federation. Compared with the same indicator in 2017, the number of crimes of this orientation has increased approximately twice.


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