Profession the maid

The maid is an au pair who performs various tasks in the rooms. The profession is suitable for those who are interested in labor and farming. The maid profession has been popular since ancient times, when wealthy houses kept a whole staff of maids to maintain cleanliness. Modern specialists work in hotels, hotels, boarding houses and private homes. In the hotel business, the profession of a maid is one of the most popular, because the image of the establishment depends on ideal cleanliness and order.

Usually maids in hotels:

• wipe off dust;

• vacuuming carpet paths and upholstered furniture;

• put things in their place;

• clean, change the bed and towels;

• water the flowers and wipe the vases;

• wash mirrors, soap dishes, decanters and other interior items;

• monitor the safety and integrity of equipment;

• clean up the bathrooms;

• stroking and caring for guests’ clothes (paid separately with a tip);

• accept the room and linen at check-out.

In private homes, the requirements for maids are higher than in the hotel business. They should be able to use modern equipment (special vacuum cleaners for textile care, steam generators for ironing), have the skills to care for VIP-things. The maid’s duties may include banquet service and table setting, supervision and care of pets, plants. The maid must be able to carefully handle valuable and fragile things, expensive interior items.

Necessary professional skills and knowledge

• knowledge of regulations, orders, methodological and other guidance materials on hotel services;

• knowledge of the rules and norms of labor protection, safety measures, industrial sanitation and fire protection;

• knowledge of standards and cleaning technologies;

• knowledge of a foreign language (will give an advantage in employment);

• special training (company-made bedding, proper use of detergents, compliance with the rules and procedures for cleaning rooms);

• knowledge of the customs and culture of other countries.

In order to work in this specialty by and large education is not necessary. Organizations, depending on their capabilities, either organize special courses or conduct internships, attaching newcomers to experienced employees.

But if we are talking about getting a job in a fashionable hotel, then the employer may well require education in the hotel business. A similar direction is actively represented both by institutions of the middle special level and in higher educational institutions. Or specialized education in the direction of foreign languages. Of course, such cases are rather rare, but they must also be taken into account.Ranks profession maid

There are two skill levels for hotel workers. A maid of the 1st category carries out a full range of cleaning. A maid of the 2nd category also actively works with guests: she meets, gives necessary information about the hotel, features of rooms and services. It should be understood that luxury hotels that offer salaries in the region of 50,000 rubles are not the most frequent employers. Usually, budgetary institutions are experiencing a regular need for personnel, therefore the level of wages varies around 20,000 rubles.

Pros and cons of the maid profession

The following aspects can be considered positive aspects of the profession:

• an opportunity to work without specialized education;

• mastering the profession in the workplace;

• depending on the type of organization, free housing and meals can be provided;

• a large number of job offers.

By cons include the following:

• great physical activity, and in seasons and high intensity;

• low wages;

• lack of career prospects without specialized education;

• conflict situations and high stress levels.

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