Hotel or a hostel, what to choose when traveling

Before the trip everyone had a question about the choice of housing. Most often, tourists who want to travel to Russia, gets a choice between the hotel and hostel booking. Before the trip, you need a good think about the place of residence and make a rational decision. What is better to choose not to spoil your holiday?

В Russia hotels classified by stars. The best hotels are indicated by five

stars hotels with a minimum of comfort have one star. The criteria for determining star hotels include: the appearance of the building, the interior rooms,

food, a variety of services, quality of satellite communications, the presence of WI-FI in the rooms. Consider the differences between hotels that have one star, five star

hotels. Hotels that have a 1 star low fee per stay. The rooms are not very large in size, with a minimum of comfort. Toilets and showers are located on the floor, not in the room. Cleaned the room every day, and bed linen is a once a week. These hotels are located far from the city center.

Hotels with two stars are slightly different. Here the shower and toilet are in the room. There is also a cafe or bar, breakfast included in the price.

Hotel with three stars more comfortable. There is all of the above, as well as TV, refrigerator, telephone, mini bar, hair dryer, soap and shampoo. Bed linen is changed 2 times a week and towels changed daily. The hotel has: reception, who works at least 14 hours a day, restaurant, car park, currency exchange, and sometimes there is a pool. The staff speaks a foreign language, most often English.

Hotels with four stars has spacious rooms. They are located near the city center. B room has a safe, air conditioning, color TV, mini-bar. Staff at the reception, speak at least two foreign languages. There are various categories of rooms – standard rooms, suites and family. Bed linen and towels changed every day. There are ironing and laundry services. Representing a wide range of services. Guests have the possibility to order breakfast in the room. On the territory there is a sports and spa center, sauna and spa, swimming pool.

Hotels with five stars provide services at the highest level. It features that have been listed above, is added to the presence of restaurants with varying cuisine, night clubs, shops and even may be beauty salons and barbershops. Reception desk works round the clock. It is offered as single rooms, and apartments with several rooms. The client is offered a bathrobe and slippers.

Prices for booking of hotel rooms is different, it depends on what city Russia hotel and from its star.

Sites for booking hotels a lot. Consider the most popular:

1) provides information about hotels around the world.

Otherness is that you can make a payment on arrival, you can cancel the reservation 24 hours prior to arrival, so you can read the reviews about the hotel.

2) this Russian site from almost indistinguishable from the site listed above. The database contains about 5000 Russian hotels. The advantage is,

that there is a service “deferred payment”, ie you can pay later booked room.

3) on this site a handy search offers the best options of accommodation in hotels.

These sites can be booked as a hotel and hostel in Russia.

Hostels in Russia appeared relatively recently, and they are not as popular as the

в other countries. In connection with this competition in this field so far only shows the city of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Hostels are suitable for the budget traveler, and can also be an option to stop for a few days. Hostel- is a place to sleep, suggesting accommodation in a single room of a large number of people.

Guest room is not rented, and place. Usually rooms have bunk beds, it gives the opportunity to host 5-20 people. Shower, kitchen are shared. In Russia there is capsular hostels, they have appeared recently in Moscow. This hostel is provided in the form of capsules. Capsules are different as single double, so

и family. The capsule contains a bed, wardrobe, TV, a mirror and a lamp. Such an arrangement has advantages: there is a private space, sound and comfort. This type of hostel is more expensive than usual.

If you do not like us and prefer comfort, it is better to choose a hotel. The hotel has a personal space, living in a single room, you will not be disturbed. By choosing the hotel, you can visit its official website and read the reviews that it has lived. It is necessary to take into account criteria such as

“Stardom” hotel and the proximity to major attractions.

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