Foreign experience

According to Dmitry Danilov, the legislation of several foreign countries provides for strict criminal liability for cybercrime. For example, in accordance with the provisions of the United States Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, a person convicted of a cybercrime but re-committed unauthorized access to a computer, resulting in serious consequences, may be sentenced to up to 20 years old.

“In turn, Art. 272 of the Criminal Code provides for a maximum sentence of seven years in prison, and by virtue of Art. 70 of the Criminal Code “The sentence of sentences”, such a person may be assigned a maximum of ten and a half years in prison, ”the lawyer said.

The lawyer noted that, despite the difference in sanctions in the domestic and foreign law and order, he cannot say that this affects the choice of the territory of Russia by cybercriminals as a place of stay in order to minimize risks. “After all, it is possible that a foreign hacker, by virtue of the principle of reciprocity and international law, at the request of another state, may be extradited for criminal prosecution or serving a sentence in another country,” he explained.
Sargis Darbinyan said that an increase in the number of crimes committed in cyberspace is now observed throughout the world. The expert also referred to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, indicating that if an attacker entered computer networks in the US infrastructure (for example, power networks, television networks, transport channels, water management systems), he could be sentenced to 30 years in prison without parole .

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