Driverʼs license

Driverʼs license and a diploma of education, the young driver must work as a driver in any motor transport enterprise for at least 3 years. Having an education that allows quality and professional maintenance of automotive equipment and having gained the necessary driving experience, a young driver can try his hand in the field of cargo transportation.
Anything can happen on the road. They can rob if you stop somewhere on the sidelines and do not call into the parking lot. It can lower the wheel, but truckers usually help their own.
Accidents rarely happen. They do not fly: if you take a printout of the route per day, then the average speed of the truck is 56 kilometers per hour. You can fall asleep at the wheel, especially if you break the shift schedule and try to get from Moscow to Yoshkar-Ola in a day. There are special sites for finding orders, but some have many regular customers with whom they work. And they choose their routes. A car travels 500 kilometers a day, this is a standard eight-hour shift. Then you need to drop into the parking lot and relax – 8-12 hours is enough. Now they
mainly work in Moscow over short distances: this way there are less costs and more returns.
If you work in Moscow, you get paid a minimum wage for eight hours. An hour is worth a thousand rubles. For dispatching services, you sometimes give 10%. If the departure is distant, then the mileage rate is added to the minimum – 35 rubles per kilometer there and back. Payment for departure can turn out to be 8 thousand, and 15 thousand rubles, and more. But it’s dirty.
Truckers are a kind of fraternity, which consists of courageous and professional people. Never, not a single driver in a difficult situation, a trucker will not be left without help. In conclusion, it should be noted that Russia is one of the few countries with a well-developed subculture of truckers. This type of transportation of goods received similar development also in Germany and on the territory of the North American continent.

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