Different system are formed up on basis of technology blockchain

There are public international system, each interested person can join this system and to be ordinary user or miner.
Community itself engaged in administration this system.
Private or in other words exclusive blockchain networks, they are supported and controlled by own creators. To become a member it is necessary to fulfill specific conditions, which are established
By organizers. Only certain, certified persons can mine new blocks in this system.
Blockchain is not legalized in Russia yet. But now standards of Russian legislation regarding
Technology are revising, legal aspects of the use, required normative legal acts are elaborating.
Blockchain in Russia is intended to legalize officially in 2019, at the same time to start installation
It in different areas of life, first in economic section. Some successful projects on blockchain basis
Already work in Moscow. Large banks jointly with Central bank start platform “Masterchain”
Which increasing efficiency of financial section’s work.
And platform “Active citizen” was produced for the purpose to carry out open popular vote.
Relating to improvement of life in the capital.

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