Development of technology blokcheyn

Blokcheyn initially positioned itself as a regular, transparent and fast technology. Her ancestral home – Japan, and only then she came to the other state. In the beginning, it was conceived as a confrontation between an imperfect banking system, so the development in most of the uses in the financial field. However, if it worked before with only narrow specialists, but today this technology enters our life by leaps and bounds, and get out of it will not succeed. Most modern economists believe that blokcheynom for the future, but a reflection of this is found in the news world cryptocurrency.

The security, speed and transparency of transactions, and the principles of anonymity, leads to the fact that even the representatives of States and government agencies can no longer close our eyes to blokcheyna technology used in cryptocurrency.

Abroad, the virtual money is used not only to carry out transactions, but also for the acquisition of almost all of the goods:
➢ Internet – shop Amazon, eBay;

➢ Some Subway restaurant network;

➢ For cutlets can buy plane tickets airBaltic;

➢ In Cyprus, the crypt can pay the tuition;

➢ Dell takes cryptocurrency as a payment instrument for a technician.

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