Wherever it comes to privacy, cryptography is an important issue. If you access the site with your password, it is usually encrypted. Encryption is also used by instant messengers, such as WhatsApp or Telegram. To prevent you from being eavesdropped during a phone call, telephone communications can also be encrypted.

Modern cryptography distinguishes between symmetric and asymmetric encryption. With symmetric encryption, senders and recipients use the same key, as in Caesar’s encrypted letters. To do this, the key must be known to both parties, respectively, one side transmits it to the other in unencrypted form.
With asymmetric encryption, there are public and private keys. Using a public key, any user can send you an encrypted message. However, decryption of the message is possible only with the help of a private key.

Cryptography knows many different methods of data encryption. Many of them are based on complex mathematical structures, such as elliptic curves, rings, and finite bodies. Therefore, the development of an integrated cryptographic system requires good knowledge of mathematics.

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