Control of precious stones with PPI DK “Control”

Gem identification is a complex process in which special equipment must be used.
PPI DK “Control” is a device that helps to quickly and easily diagnose precious stones, their synthetic counterparts. With the help of the device, it is possible to assign the studied objects to different groups or positions.
PPI DC “Control” allows you to diagnose in an extremely short time, which also facilitates the work of the operator. The main advantages of such equipment are:
1. Light weight;
2. Compactness;
3. Ability to get accurate results and analysis;
4. A wide range of investigated objects;
5. Prostate application and operation;
6. Built-in library of precious stones and metals, which includes more than 450 items;
7. Affordable price category.

Management and reception of results is carried out using a computer. PPI DC “Control” is connected to a PC with a special USB cable

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