Concealment detection scanner in the human body and under clothing

The scanner is a cylindrical cabin with double walls (for which he received the nickname “glass”). Between the walls there are U-shaped two arrays of antennas emitting pulses in the millimeter frequency range from 24 GHz to 30 GHz with a fixed step. The radiation power is less than 1mW per
Image acquisition is based on radio-signal holography – the construction of a three-dimensional image of the surface using pulses of radio waves. The radiation is produced by two dual emitters, the waves pass through loose materials (clothing), are reflected from the surface of the skin and objects.
Mixed reflected signals – radio interference, recorded by an array of antennas. Data from the antennas is processed by a computer and as a result a three-dimensional image is obtained. The accuracy of the image is 2-4 mm of the surface of the scanned object. The scanning process itself takes less than 2 seconds.
Scanners use a similar system, but do not display a real picture of the body. Instead, they only indicate in the diagram where exactly the suspicious reflection of the surface was detected.

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