Cities of Russia. Kursk

The majority of foreign travelers, from time to time visiting the expanses of the Russian state, there is an impression that our country is practically no small provincial towns, which might be interesting for curious tourists. Some great cities famous for a long time and all the famous Golden Ring – the only thing that is contrary to this statement. To understand whether this is actually possible to go to one of these places. The main condition – it should not be one of the cities mentioned ring or a famous resort on the Black Sea coast luxury.

What is interesting for tourists Kursk?

If foreign travelers willing to explore authentic provincial Russia, then they, afraid of the unknown, choose the first Russian city in Europe. For them, it is important in the winter the lack of strong and long cold, and in summer – the grueling heat and heavy rains. The big advantage of any community in our country is considered to be close to the one of the capitals, and better – to Moscow. Tourists are always interested in the city with a rich and complicated history and a rich, diverse cultural life. Under this simplified characterization quite accurately not suitable for all well-known Kursk.

Travelers arriving in Kursk, immediately noticed – even if they are not very familiar with the history of the Russian state that the city left a lot of traces from the seemingly distant Soviet times. On the local Red Square, which is about 8 times less than in Moscow, visitors to the city immediately notice before the five-storey building of the local administration of Lenin figure. These monuments to the leader of the communist movement in our country can be found in practically every more or less large and medium cities. The name of the proletarian leader and named the main street, perfectly straight line departing from the Red Square. Some notable buildings, in addition to dramatic theater, is not here. As representatives of the older generation of citizens, in the form of Kursk, its streets and squares, little has changed from a distant period, when the city was a Soviet.

Visitors to the city are always amazed the large number of sacred buildings in the relatively small city that has survived the Soviet era. But here are some churches lucky much less than other buildings of Kursk. The fate of striking dimensions of the Sign of the cathedral at the time interfered with the representatives of the Soviet power and placed a cinema here. Now that the difficult period is little that resembles in shape of this unique building, built in an unusual for these places the classical style.

By the Ascension Church, stands majestically on a hill above the surrounding gray buildings, the congregation especially reverent attitude. After a few icons that are in it, were brought here from the famous Mount Athos – revered by Orthodox Christians mountains. Most unlucky Vvedensky church which was converted at different times in the market, the baker’s shop, then just robbed. Now she is happy for its architectural style and unusual blue walls and the congregation, and the tourists are here.

How and where you can relax in Kursk?

To the surprise of visitors to the city, the old Kursk can be proud not only for its temple buildings, but also a variety of cultural and entertainment centers. Scene local drama theater remembers successfully performed here at the beginning of his career, M. Shchepkin. It was his name for a long time wore the theater until it was changed to the name of the poet Alexander Pushkin. Today’s repertoire is rich comic performances. In the halls of the Kursk art gallery visitors striking variety of styles and genres. Here you can see paintings of Archeology and Germany Kuindzhi and Barocci, Schwartz and Makovsky, Litovchenko and Borovikovsky. Here lovers of art meet with the works of A. Deineka – Kursk famous masters of the brush.

Young people most often sent to the stylized antique Japanese “Yakuza” or stylish “777” – two famous urban nightclubs. In both institutions the melodies a variety of European styles, but from time to time they appear as eminent domestic and European demand DJs. All this variety of entertainment combined with the historical and cultural heritage of Kursk and its sacred places are attracted to this area travelers who want a deeper understanding of difficult living Russian province. The city continues to live interesting, constantly surprise and delight curious tourists who decided to look into the full of surprises Russian hinterland.

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